All you need is an altitude adjustment.
At 4,000+ feet, its just cooler up here on Lake Aerie.

Take refuge at the Aerie, and give yourself the gift of a weekend to relax, restore & renew.

Alone, or with a small group of friends, allow yourself to rest in the spaciousness of each breath. To feel the wind and sun on your face. To just be.

It's all so much easier to do at the Aerie. And, now, no matter where you're coming from it's probably cooler here. Especially when you're practicing Sivasana on a yoga paddle board on our lake...

Join us for daily sessions of AM & PM yoga, on land or water, or just doing nothing at all. 

Come on, take care of yourself,

your whole self. Let me know what
specific bodywork and therapies

you'd like and I'll set it all up.

Namastay with us!

~ Liz Mediavilla

Yoga Instructor

Sacred Space Holder

Yoga Guide &
Glamping Concierge

Book Your Wellness Weekend

thru August
The Aerie

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Your 2-night Reservation will include complimentary

Daily AM & PM Yoga Sessions


Vegan Sunday Brunch

Simply book the accommodation(s) of your choice for a personal retreat or invite friends for a meaningful get-way. Minimum of two (2) nights now through August.