Portfolio of Oil Paintings

Artist's Statement

"Maybe an artist is an arbiter of a thought, a vision, an emotional outburst, something that wants to be born into this world now? Maybe a painter distills these psychological under currents with a brush and paint and freezes them in time? Perhaps the artist is only a craftsperson who dose his work with a plan, intentionality and control? I just don't know. I’m aware that most of the time intentionality and control don’t work for me. My powers of intentionality and control are weak a lot of the time. For the most part I feel like I get lucky once in a while and when something interesting or beautiful plays itself out on the canvas, I feel I am the recipient of some grace. On the best days, on the best works, I feel very lucky! My subject matter can range from the sublime and pretty to the outrageous, from introspective and self-disclosing to irreverent. I take responsibility for my lack of continuity."

Eric Mueller, chief pizza baker, at the brick oven he designed and built.

The Aerie is the architectural embodiment of fine artist & custom furniture designer Eric Mueller's vision for a truly unique desert sanctuary.

Not only did Eric oversee the siting, design and construction of the Aerie, he did virtually all the finish work you see... the aboriginal wall and ceiling paintings, the fine art hanging on the walls, the stone work throughout the outdoor spaces.

The pizza oven, the spa, the walkways, and the glass-bottle bathhouse and outdoor kitchen in our glamping sites, are all results of his creative impulse and perservation.

See below a sampling of Eric's oil paintings, most on display at the Aerie.

The Art of Eric Mueller

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