What's an UnRetreat? The opposite of those events that schedule almost every minute of your time with just a FEW short breaks to check your phone. We'll be holding only 1-2 gatherings each day,  so the rest of the tijme you GET TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, and maybe forget to even carry your phone. You can allow yourself to JUST SIT THERE AND DO NOTHJIN'. Or, you can ease into doing nothingness by: taking a hike, riding a bike, swim in the lake if the water is warm enough, do yoga on an SUP if it isn't. 

Mostly, this UnRetreat calls women who are hungry for female camaraderie. We'll celebrate sister love, move our bodies and lift our spirits. By the end of our time together we'll be relaxed, renewed and ready for all that vital work that needs to be done.

What's a Camp-In? If you plan to pitch a tent to stay awhile, please plan ahead to avoid making trips into town for miscellaney. You'll relax more deeply, our circle of energy will be less disrupted, and my neighbors won't notice excessive traffic on our road. However, if you have job, kid or other pressing obligations feel free to duck out. We'll be happily soaking, chatting, cookings as we await your return.

More details coming! Please check back frequently for updates.


Wednesday, March 20 – Sunday, March 24
Camping (BYOTent for 1– 5 nights!)
 Potluck Meals

 Meditation ~ Sound Bath
 Cacao Ceremony 

Ecstatic Dance ~ Yoga Trance Dance 


Cost: Cash donations and/or baby and mama supplies.*

BorderKindness.org provides vital services and supplies to migrant refugee mothers and children seeking asylum from violence at our southern border. If you are as horrified as I, by our government's response, here is something we can do NOW to alleviate the suffering of families conducted in our name. 

ALL proceeds collected from Aerie evens will provide immediate aid to women and children denied their lawful right to seek asylum, and are languishing in shelters in Mexicali.

Donations of supplies and clothing (see list below)
will be collected at each event,
or call 760-974-6033 for a pick-up or more information.

*Whatever you can offer whether you camp or just come for the day.

Supplies & Items Needed:

Baby Clothing & Shoes 
Children’s Clothing & Shoes - boy’s and girl’s - including socks and underwear. No heavy coats needed at this time. 
Adult Clothing & Shoes - men’s and women’s 
- including socks and underwear.  Limited need for XL (and larger) items.  No need for high heel shoes or sports shoes with cleats. No need for dress clothes including suits and formal or cocktail dresses. 
Towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, comforters - clean and in good condition. 
Sleeping bags, tents, tarps - clean and working.
Baby formula - not expired and unopened. 
High protein snacks (power bars, etc) not expired.  
Diapers and baby wipes 
Baby bottles 
Baby toys in good condition - including dolls, cars/trucks, soccer balls, 
Stuffed animals - new to like new 
Children’s Spanish language books
Notebooks, coloring books, crayons and pencils for children.
Chalk (all colors) 
Children’s toys - good condition, safe, no guns, no batteries required. 
Used laptops, desk tops and tablets with working WiFi capability and power cord. 
Used cell phones - unlocked with needed charging cords, etc. 
Shampoo and body wash
Hair brushes and combs
Bar soap and stick or roll on deodorant 
Tampons and pads
Flash lights 
Disposable razors 
Toothpaste and toothbrushes - adult and children
Unopened generic Benadryl, Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, antacids, - adult and children
Chapstick, sunscreen, anti-fungal and moisturizing lotions. 
Bandaids, gauze, medical tape, tweezers, face masks, latex gloves, ice packs, first aid topicals,  
Large garbage bags
Plastic spoons, forks and knives 
Cooking pots and pans - medium, large, industrial sizes. 
Duffel bags
Carrying bags and backpacks 
Bungee cords
Cloth and heavy plastic grocery bags 
Packing tape and duct tape. 
Plastic bins - clean with cover.  
Laundry soap (powder) - no pods 
Brooms and mops (new to like new) 
Hotel and travel points and frequent flyer miles 

Please use the Donate button to make a cash contribution NOW, if possible, because the need is NOW. Then, use the form below to RSVP. Please indicate which days you plan to be here. 

If cash isn't your currency and you can help out other ways, let me know how, (I also have a list if you need ideas.)




what we'll be doin'

Wednesday, March 20 - Saturday, March 24:

All day: Check in and set up camping

 Wednesday evening: 7pm:

Sound Bath

Joshua Tree Retreat Center*

Can't think of a more auspicious way to launch our gathering! Campers and car poolers can ride from Aerie, locals can join us for soundbath offered by Ryan Mussen and Vincent Accardi ($20 fee)


Hot chocolate & hot tub the @ the Aerie


10AM: Morning Yoga Practice

4-6 PM: Making Pizza Party

6-7:30: Chili Dinner

8PM: Campfire Gathering


10AM: Morning Yoga Practice

4-6: Baking Pizza Party

6:30PM: Candlelight Yoga at Cedar & Sage


10AM: Morning Yoga Practice

4 PM: Restorative Yoga with Ali

7 PM: Ecstatic Dance

Sunday (open to the whole community)

10AM: Yoga & Meditation with Emily Silver

outside @ Aerie Lake

3PM: Community Potluck with Kelly Overland, BorderKindess.org